Gordon Gilbert

Gordon Gilbert was an International football professional for 11 years, he won Man of the Match while playing for MP Black Aces, competing in the Nedbank Cup Final and has competed in the last three Cape Epic’s.

Gordon uses Back to Basics Nutrition products for his training and is proudly an ambassador in the sporting community for our products.

Adam Maroko

I met Adam Maroko at a Trail Adventure race. At 39 year of age, Adam is an exceptionally good trail and cross country runner and wins most of his races.

Now you noticed I mentioned most of the races; that’s because Adam allows his students to win in some races to improve their talent as runners. Yes, Adam is a running coach and a very good one.

Adam uses Back to Basics products and makes sure his students use it too.

Charles Norman

Charles got involved in Motorsport racing and off-road bikes and quads and broke his back in a quad bike accident. 

“This was and wasn’t a setback in my life. While resting and allowing my back to heal I realised my outlook on sport needed some adjusting. I was so competitive that I never realised there was so much more to sport than just winning.” 

Charles has been using Back to Basics products for his training and shares his support openly with sporting enthusiasts.