Some good tips when choosing a meal replacement shake:


  • Use for no more than 2 meals/day
  • It must contain at least 650kJ
  • It must have a balance of carbohydrates, good quality proteins and fats
  • It should have a low GI
  • Use for meals that cause one the most trouble
  • Mix and match so you don’t get bored (eg. use as a smoothie)
  • Use a variety of flavours to prevent flavour fatigue
  • Use fresh fruit for snacks
  • To lose weight make your traditional meal well-balanced

SUPA SHAKE fulfils ALL of the above criteria, making it a suitable meal replacement for 1-2 meals/day in busy lifestyles and/or weight-loss programs.

Choose from 3 different flavours (Vanilla-Choc / Strawberry / Banana) and vary daily to prevent flavour fatigue.