Meet the Team

At Back to Basics – Nutrition we believe that behind every great company is an even greater team. Meet the passionate and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to formulate and supply the best possible nutritional products for your overall personal health and wellness. From product development to customer support, each member brings unique skills and expertise to the table. Get to know our team and see why we are dedicated to helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Sue Scharf

Sales Team Leader

Sue, a Registered Dietician with 35+ years experience, has spent much of her working life focusing on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases (inter alia diabetes, heart disease, and obesity) in her patients. Her specific passion for shift worker health and nutrition resulted in her joining Back to Basics – Nutrition (experts in providing mining shift worker nutrition supplements) both in a product development role and as an active member of the Sales Team educating management and shift workers in mining/industry.

Sue is passionate about the company’s philosophies, products and employee wellness contributions, and her expertise and leadership qualities have led her to become the Sales Director, heading up a competent and professional team of nutrition and sales staff. They are all trained to provide services in both the mining industry and retail sectors

Joani Britz

Dietician and National Sales Manager: Retail

Joani Britz, National Sales Manager for the retail range at Back to Basics – Nutrition, completed her BSc Dietetics degree at Northwest University in 2013. After completing her community service she worked for 4 years as a clinical dietician and then joined the Back to Basics – Nutrition Sales Team in 2016. Joani’s passion for good nutrition and its role in wellness shines through in her work with Clients, and as such she is a valued member of the Sales Team. She is also actively involved in the development of nutrition training programs and is the driver behind Back To Shape (Back to Basic’s weight loss initiative).

Bongi Skweyiya

National Marketing Manager

Bongi Skweyiya, Back to Basics – Nutrition’s National Marketing Manager, brings over 10 years of marketing experience and expertise in the Advertising, Education, Optics and Optoelectronics industries.

With a strong passion for brands and customers’ experiences, Bongi is excited to take Back to Basics – Nutrition to the next level. Holding a Bachelor of Social Science in Management and Communications from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an Honours Degree in Brand Leadership from Vega School, Bongi’s cross-industry experience and consumer-driven approach make her an ideal fit for building the Back to Basics – Nutrition brand.

Thabi Mabuza

Dietician and Sales Manager:
Mining and Industry

Thabi is a valued sales representative for Back to Basics – Nutrition’s mining and industry sector. She holds a B.Nutrition degree from the University of Limpopo and completed her community service in 2009. Thabi’s expertise comes from her experience as a clinical dietician in various public hospitals and her work as a private practising dietician.

Her passion for nutrition and working with people led her to join Back to Basics – Nutrition in June 2019, where she is committed to promoting healthier lifestyle choices. Thabi is also a devoted mother to two daughters, whom she cites as her primary motivators.

Raelene Campbell

General Manager

Raelene, a vital member of the Back to Basics – Nutrition Team, has 30+ years of experience in the company. She manages business administration, manufacturing, logistics, HR and ISO systems. Raelene’s extensive knowledge has been crucial in the company’s growth. Her passion for Back to Basics stems from her belief in its superior products and her commitment to excellent customer service.

She studied financial accounting, cost and management accounting, business law and communication at Technikon SA. Raelene quickly moved into senior management after joining the company and has obtained certification in Food Safety, Quality Management and SANS standards.