30 Sachet Supa Energy Drink – Blue Ice



A low GI energy drink to helps you get your energy back!  The Supa energy drink is a delicious and refreshing supplement which comes in single-serve sachets of 23g powder: dissolves easily in 350ml water.  The Supa Energy drink is HALF the calories of a typical fizzy cold drink / soda / energy drink but packs a boost when you need it.

30 X 50g sachet
Flavour: Blue Ice

Low GI
Stable blood sugar levels for 3-4 hours

Low Calories
HALF the calories of a typical fizzy cold drink / soda / energy drink

Unlike many energy drinks on the market, Supa Energy is stimulant free.

Vitamin C
HIGH in Vitamin C – providing 48% of the NRV in one single serving (when 2 servings are taken a day then 96% of the NRV is provided)

GOOD source of FIBRE – 2.5g dietary fibre per serving (the same as is found in a small apple!)

Gluten Free

The best use of the product

Exercise or training supplement
  • Pre-training / workout
  • Post workout for those doing >90min exercise
Lifestyle Booster / Energy boost / Fighting fatigue
  • Add as a drink supplement into a school lunch box, together with a healthy sandwich + fruit
  • Fussy eaters: pre- and primary school children with poor eating habits
  • Add as a meal supplement into a teen’s diet especially when they are going through a rapid growth spurt
  • Office meetings, to ensure sustained concentration.
  • Adults use a quick, easy energy-sustaining snack ANYTIME of the day
  • Feel a cold coming on? Have a single serving twice a day.
Colon Problems / Fussy or upset stomach
  • Irritable bowel syndrome as a snack
  • Diarrhoea – Supa Energy drink has electrolytes to stop dehydration
  • Inflammatory bowel disease as a supplement