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The Supa Shake box has SIX display boxes in a Carton. 180 sachets of Supa Shake in the carton.


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The perfect solution as a meal replacer, ideal for Diabetics and as a post workout drink to optimize recovery

The Supa Shake is Low Gi, enriched with vitamins and minerals which includes good sources of Vitamin C, B Complex, Zinc and Selenium.  Selenium is an anti-oxidant that fights cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases.  What’s more the Supa Shake is a great source of protein (Soya) and fibre. All this and it’s suitable for Lactose and Gluten intolerant people too!

The Supa Shake comes in a small foil packet which is a Single-serve sachets of 50g powder.  Dissolve the content in 250ml or 400ml water depending on your taste preference. It’s easy and delicious. The sachets fits perfectly into a lunch-box / handbag / car cubby-hole so you can keep it handy for busy days. It’s a perfect “Meal on the Go

Using the Supa Shake you get a fully balanced, fibre-rich, energy-sustaining meal replacement drink, before leaving home or even in your shaker en route to work or school. This will ensure an optimal start to your busy day – with benefits to BOTH HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY!

Using Supa Shake as a Sport supplement
The Supa Shake can be incorporated into a training program as follows:

  • Pre-training/workout = improved performance
  • Post workout (>90min) = maximises recovery

Using Supa Shake as a nutritional supplement for illness
The Supa Shake is ideal for people undergoing treatment for the following conditions: ADHD, Burns, Cancer, Chronic Constipation and or Diarrhoea, Coeliac disease, HIV/AIDS, IBS, Renal Failure, Tuberculosis

Creamer, Polydextrose, Soya Isolate, Sugar, Xantham Gum, Permitted flavours and colourants, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals.

Soya Protein and Cow Milk Protein. May contain traces of Peanuts or Tree Nut Products

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