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    Supa Energy Drink

    A low GI energy drink to help you get your energy back.  The energy drink is a delicious and refreshing supplement which comes in a Single-serve sachets of 23g powder: dissolves easily in 350ml water.

    Click on a product below to find out more information or to make a purchase.

    Supa Shake

    Using the Supa Shake you get a fully balanced, fibre-rich, energy-sustaining meal replacement drink, before leaving home or even in your shaker en route to work or school. This will ensure an optimal start to your busy day – with benefits to BOTH HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY!  Click on a product below to find out more information or to make a purchase.  

    Protein Energy Bars

    We are excited to announce that your High Energy Protein Bar is now available on our online shop

    Use the High Energy Protein Bars to ensure stable blood sugar levels, where time does not permit for a meal (e.g. breakfast / lunch / dinner) to be eaten or a energy boosting snack before a sporting event.  Great for lunch boxes for kids doing extra murals and for adults, especially those rushing between meetings or on the road!