“Let them run”, Shane Gouldie said. He is the founder of TrailAdventure and believes:

“It’s not about talent or physique, but about mental capacity of how eager you are to achieve it, we just need to encourage and support them”.

Shane is talking here about the youth and the future of our world. He has been very involved with sport, from cricket to paddling and now also trail running. And he encourages kids to partake in his events to help them develop into great athletes.

He believes every child has the potential to be the best in the world at what they do if they believe in themselves and if others believe in them.  Trail Adventure has seen an opportunity and teamed up with Janine Smythe and her team Natalie Young and Carla van der Walt from Southdowns College to create Team TrailAdventure.

Team TrailAdventure started with providing a running platform for kids. The aim of the club is to encourage the youth to get involved in trail running and develop a love and respect for nature combined with running.

Janine adds that “We also want to create a trail running community and a sense of belonging for trail runners because at present there are no ‘clubs’ for trail running, only road running”.

Team TrailAdventure’s vision is to become the most diverse and proficient trail-running club in the Country.

They would like to create a trail running community that places great emphasis on the importance of maintaining the environment whilst running. Ultimately they would like to create a schools trail running league that could take part all over the country.

Their mission is to provide opportunities and support that will encourage good sportsmanship as well as nature conservation, whilst developing competitiveness and improving ones health as a whole, physically and emotionally.

Back to Basics Nutrition together with Dieticians at Work have the same vision in improving health and wellbeing through proper nutrition.

I believe in We Are What We Eat and as a dietician it is my passion to provide good sustainable nutrition for all, especially among the youth as they are our future. 

TrailAdventure together with Southdowns College, TradeUnipoint and Back to Basics Nutrition all support the movement of Team TrailAdventure and encourage others to join and share the journey with like minded people who have a love for running and nature.


Join the club

Anyone can join the club by contacting them on tt.adventureclub.co.za


Article by: Tanya Alberts RD(SA)