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BACK TO shape

BACK TO SHAPE is a comprehensive Program designed by Dieticians for Dieticians & Health Care Providers running weight loss clinics, as a TOOL to assist their clients in achieving rapid, safe, sustainable weight loss.

This program will assist your patient / client in moving into long-term sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes, resulting in them having both improved health and feeling better.

BACK TO SHAPE consists of:

  • A monitoring booklet for clients
  • A choice of 2 meal plan options:
    • VLCD/VLED 3-phase diet plan
    • Intermittent fasting
  • 5:2 A unique focus on plant-based eating
  • Use of the Back To Basics High Protein Supa Shake

The program is an option for your practice

Run the Back to Shape Program with individual patients or as a group

  • A phased approach to weight loss
  • When used under the supervision of a Registered Dietician, this program can easily be adjusted for each unique medical condition
  • Incorporates the use of the High Protein Supa Shake PLUS a controlled meal plan using EITHER the VLCD phased-approach OR the intermittent fasting approach
  • Encourages the use of plant-based eating
  • Calorie-controlled menus
  • Social Media and online support available

How to get the Back To Shape Program:


Register as an Agent on our Online Shop


Purchase your required stock of Back To Basics High Protein Supa Shake on the online shop


Purchase sufficient Back To Shape Booklets for your clients (sold as packs of 10 for R100)


Once you have purchased the Back To Shape Booklets, you will have online access to our sample menu plans, plant-based recipes, information sheets on Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Obesity, Plant-based eating, Intermittent fasting, Very Low Calorie Diets, and other topics of interest, and additional support material.


Join us in making a meaningful impact on your clients’ well-being. Together, we’ll redefine wellness through the power of nutrition.

As a valued professional you will receive a significant discount on our premium nutritional product.

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