A Low Gi high energy drink

A low GI energy drink to help you get your energy back!  The Supa energy drink is a delicious and refreshing supplement which comes in single-serve sachets that you just add and dissolve easily in water.  The Supa Energy drink are HALF the calories of a typical fizzy cold drink / soda / energy drink but pack a boost when you need it.

Fits perfectly into a lunch-box / handbag / car cubby-hole keep it handy for busy days!

Flavours available

There are four delicious, refreshing flavours. Creme Soda, Orange, Tutti Fruiti and Blue Ice.

Supa Energy

Please download the one page PDF info sheet with all nutritional information you need to know.


Low GI

Stable blood sugar levels for 3-4 hours


Low Calories

HALF the calories of a typical fizzy cold drink / soda / energy drink



Unlike many energy drinks on the market, Supa Energy is stimulant free.


Lactose Free


Vitamin C

HIGH in Vitamin C – providing 48% of the NRV in one single serving (when 2 servings are taken a day then 96% of the NRV is provided)



GOOD source of FIBRE – 2.5g dietary fibre per serving (the same as is found in a small apple!)


Gluten Free

Exercise or training supplement
  • Pre-training / workout
  • Post workout for those doing >90min exercise
Lifestyle Booster / Energy boost / Fighting fatigue
  • Add as a drink supplement into a school lunch box, together with a healthy sandwich + fruit
  • Fussy eaters: pre- and primary school children with poor eating habits
  • Add as a meal supplement into a teen’s diet especially when they are going through a rapid growth spurt
  • Office meetings, to ensure sustained concentration.
  • Adults use a quick, easy energy-sustaining snack ANYTIME of the day
  • Feel a cold coming on? Have a single serving twice a day.
Colon Problems / Fussy or upset stomach
  • Irritable bowel syndrome as a snack
  • Diarrhoea – Supa Energy drink has electrolytes to stop dehydration
  • Inflammatory bowel disease as a supplement